La Sevillana

Mixed Media, May 2020
Original. 48 x 64″

During the quarantine period, one of the walks I enjoyed the most involved strolling through Beverly Hills Gardens park and admiring the Maple Elm Rose Garden. Along the trail, the garden showcased fifteen distinct varieties of roses, neatly enclosed by trimmed hedges. Among these, “La Sevillana,” a flower well-suited for hot and arid climates, caught my attention. Its numerous gentle shades of red and pink fascinated me, evoking memories of my childhood visits to Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, where I observed similar patterns in the rock formations known as Spanish Skirts.

In this artwork, I aimed to emulate the artistic style of Georgia O’Keeffe. O’Keeffe, a notable figure who resided in my hometown, taught at my school, and frequently captured the essence of the places from my childhood in her artworks. I drew significant inspiration from her masterpiece “Red Canna” (1915).

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Dimensions 48 × 62 in
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