In the Clouds of the Rotunda

From: $250

Mixed Media, 2021
30 x 45″

Nestled just beyond the 3rd street entrance of the SF MOMA lies a remarkable seven-story round cylindrical atrium, masterfully designed by Mario Botta in 1995. This architectural marvel boasts a glass rooftop that invites the city’s luminous light and ethereal fog to interact with the multitude of artworks housed within. With each passing minute, this ever-shifting play of light imbues a sense of familiarity tinged with delightful alteration, as if I am witnessing the transformation of familiar pieces each time I visit.

In this image, my intention was to capture the vibrant colors and dynamic movement brought about by the ever-changing sunlight as it filters through the upper floors of the Botta atrium. Drawing inspiration from the original artwork titled “Rotunda in the Clouds” (2019), which I created after my initial visit to San Francisco, I sought to convey the mesmerizing spectacle of light and its interplay with the architectural space. Through this painting, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of the atmospheric transformations that render each viewing experience within the atrium a unique and captivating encounter.

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