Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom (after Van Gogh)

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Mixed Media, 2021
60 x 45.5″

A local art gallery announced an art residency program focused on the theme of Van Gogh, and I eagerly applied. The submission required artwork inspired by Van Gogh’s style. Specifically, I chose to recreate his painting titled “Almond Blossom,” originally completed by Van Gogh in February 1890. In his rendition, Van Gogh drew inspiration from Japanese printmaking, borrowing elements such as the subject, outlines, and composition of the almond tree. Through my research, I discovered that Van Gogh gifted the original painting to his brother upon the birth of his only son, and it held a special place in the Van Gogh family.

For my interpretation, I aimed to accentuate the striking branches, delicate almond blossoms, and the vibrant mix of cool colors that made the original painting so captivating. I located my version of the almond tree in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, during its blooming season in March 2021. As part of my residency proposal, I suggested creating a physically painted mural using cardboard as a texturizing element to add depth and dimension to the artwork.

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