New York series (2 of 2)

Mixed Media, December 2017
Original. 35 x 52″

After enduring a lengthy timeshare presentation in an upper Manhattan building near Central Park, I emerged to a gentle mist descending upon the towering buildings that surrounded me. The delicate water droplets were so fine that they were barely perceptible as they landed. Yet, their presence had a transformative effect on the urban landscape, casting a soft glow in the air and creating intriguing silhouettes of the buildings against one another. Strangely, this mist seemed to alter the perception of spatial distance, giving the impression that the structures were closer than they appeared.

In this image, I sought to recreate the ethereal atmosphere and fog-like effects that I witnessed on that rainy day in New York in 2017. It was a moment when I felt a deep emotional connection with the rhythm of the city, and I wanted to capture and express that warmth through my art. This painting serves as a visual homage to that particular experience, conveying the evocative power of weather and its ability to transform the urban landscape. It is the second painting in a series inspired by this moment.


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Dimensions 35 × 52 in
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