Layering to the Infinite

From: $575

Mixed Media, 2019
24 x 32″

During my inaugural visit to SFMOMA, I chanced upon a window as I stepped out of an elevator, and a breathtaking view unfolded before me. Through that window, I witnessed a mesmerizing tableau of incessant movement: rows upon rows of cars, buses, bicycles, trains, and pedestrians crisscrossing the urban landscape. It was akin to beholding a living mural, and the sounds of footsteps behind me served as a melodic backdrop to my awe-inspired contemplation of the vibrant tapestry of life.

In this image, my intention was to capture the essence of that extraordinary moment—a glimpse into a miniature universe brimming with intricate hues and meticulous details. I aimed to recreate the experience of gazing into this microcosm, where the richness of life took on the form of its own art.

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