City with a Neon Aura

From: $375

Mixed Media, 2019
20 x 25″

In this image, my intention was to capture the vibrant energy of the neon-lit streets of Los Angeles. As I wandered through the downtown area, I came across a captivating scene at the entrance of a watered-down patio. There, I observed a woman walking back and forth in a repetitive motion, adding an element of human presence to the bustling cityscape.

The bright reflections on the ground and the glowing neon lights were ubiquitous, creating an atmosphere that felt both captivating and surreal. It was during this moment that I became acutely aware of the diffusion of outdoor lighting caused by the city’s smog, which added a unique quality to the vibrant glow permeating the streets adorned with countless advertisements.

In this image, I sought to capture the essence of the city’s bright and energetic ambiance. The flowing lines and vibrant colors represent the dynamic movement and captivating visual spectacle that is characteristic of the neon-lit streets of Los Angeles. Through this artwork, I aim to convey the enchanting and bustling nature of the city, showcasing the interplay of light, energy, and urban life that defines the Los Angeles experience.

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