Church on a Hill (digital)

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Mixed Media, 2006
20 x 24″

In the summer of 2006, as I delved into the realm of dream studies and sought to incorporate art into my exploration, I stumbled upon Salvador Dali’s approach to translating his dreams onto canvas. Inspired by his methodology, I embarked on a project that aimed to visualize the vivid landscapes that unfolded within my own conscious lucid dreams.

This particular painting captures a scene extracted directly from one such dream—an otherworldly landscape that materialized in my awareness. As I abruptly awakened within the dream, I found myself immersed in a surreal, painted planet, teeming with peculiarities and visual enchantment.

The excerpt from my journal entry describes the essence of this alien environment. The entire landscape was permeated by a viscous, flowing liquid, its ever-shifting currents captivating my attention. In the distance, a group of hills emerged, while a dark, flashing, and multicolored church stood as a striking presence, seemingly rooted forcefully into the painted surroundings. The molten flow of color animated the landscape and sky, its movement swift and dynamic, while the church exuded a slow, magma-like quality.

The juxtaposition of a well-preserved church within such an extraordinary and surreal setting left me with a sense of intrigue and conflict. I grappled with the significance of this unexpected encounter, seeking to uncover its meaning within the enigmatic depths of my dream consciousness. As I embarked on the process of painting, I approached it with a blend of curiosity and uncertainty, capturing the essence of this ethereal landscape.

Creating this image served as a cathartic and transformative experience. Although I may not have fully grasped the intricate symbolism embedded within the dream, there was an immediate sense of relief and release as the final brushstroke was applied. This acrylic rendition of the painting dates back to 2006, while a newer digital version was crafted in June of 2020, offering a contemporary interpretation of the same surreal landscape.

As you gaze upon this artwork, I invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, the interplay of light and shadow, and the fantastical elements that characterize this dream-inspired world. Allow yourself to venture into the realm of the subconscious, where dreams and art intertwine, and where the boundaries of reality and imagination blur. May this painting ignite your own curiosity and spark contemplation on the profound mysteries that lie within the realm of dreams.


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