Changing Order

From: $500

Mixed Media, 2020
32 x 21″

In the vibrant atmosphere of a late-night art opening near downtown Los Angeles, I found myself captivated by the new mesmerizing cityscape I knew little about. Armed with my camera, I embarked on a photography expedition, aiming to capture the essence of the downtown buildings. On much of my work, I saw several variations of neon signs illuminating the surrounding buildings morphing and flashing vibrant colors into the night.

One sign close to the size of a billboard projected its bright colors onto the exterior wall of a parking garage across the street. As I walked between both buildings, the cement surface seemed to come alive as the neon lights bathed it in a multitude of hues. The stark contrast between the illuminated wall and the darkness of the night made me feel as if I was inside of an old television screen.

In this image, I sought to convey the unusual beauty in the moment when a burst of light was projected onto  a parking garage.

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