Bleeding Flowers

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Mixed Media, 2008
15 x 20″

In my last semester of undergraduate college, I decided to take an outdoor painting class in Palo Duro Canyon that focused on en plein air (on location) painting. The night before finding the helenium flowers in this painting, I remember rain flooded parts of a low-lying trail my class was painting in the day before. Because the trail to our old location was closed temporarily, our painting group went to a different part of the park. As afternoon approached and the steam from the ground began to humidify the air, I decided to attempt to visually express the heat of the afternoon sun.
In creating Bleeding Flowers, I wanted to try using multiple physical paints like ink and acrylic paint to create a painting that would eventually be finished on a digital canvas. I also wanted to incorporate multiple materials like sticks, flower stems, and dirt to help create the effect of being on location in the finished work. The stems of the Moerheim Beauty Helenium flowers were used to draw the black ink and the dirt from the ground would be mixed with the acrylic paint to add more texture to the physical canvas.
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