Austin Winter

Mixed Media, December 2018
Original. 45 x 58″

During my decade-long stay in Austin, I was fortunate enough to witness snowfall only a few times. One chilly Sunday morning, I awoke to a freezing house and ventured out to my backyard. There, I was greeted by the mesmerizing sight of sunlight filtering through the trees, casting a colorful array of rainbow patterns on the ground. As I lifted my gaze towards the trees, I noticed the delicate snowflakes on their leaves already beginning to melt, giving rise to wisps of steam that gracefully ascended into the atmosphere. Overwhelmed by an intense surge of joy, I felt as if I could have remained in that moment for days on end. However, I knew that the sun’s ascent meant that this enchanting landscape would be ephemeral, fading away by midday.

In this image, I endeavored to capture the profound emotions I experienced while standing there, fully immersed in the sheer beauty of that fleeting moment in time.

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Dimensions 45 × 58 in
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