Austin Skyline series 2 of 2

Mixed Media, October 2019
Original. 48 x 70.5″ 

I bought a camera to experiment with new types of photography and to see how or if it would impact my painting style. Eager to experiment, I embarked on a mission to capture the external facades of various buildings in downtown Austin, focusing on the captivating play of silvery light that emerged when they faced each other at an angle.

In this image, my objective was to venture into the realm of experimentation, combining the warm hues of a sunset with the mirrored angles presented by two buildings situated across the street from each other. As I worked on the artwork, I discovered an intriguing phenomenon—the sun’s radiant heat would subtly cool and intermingle with each building, further adding to the complexity and depth of the scene. By intertwining these elements, I aimed to convey the dynamic interaction between natural light, architectural structures, and the interplay of warm and cool tones within the composition.

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Dimensions 48 × 70.5 in
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