Art is Always Never Politically Correct

From: $600

Mixed Media, 2021
26 x 35″

I enjoy incorporating hidden elements within my paintings, adding an extra layer of intrigue and discovery for those who engage with my artwork. In this particular piece, I have embedded the title of the artwork into its design, serving as a constant reminder that art, much like reality, continuously shapes and defines itself in response to the viewer’s interaction. I hold a strong belief that the more people engage with art, the greater its impact on our collective culture and human perspective.

For this image, I aimed to create an unconventional bus-stop poster utilizing a blend of post-pop art coloring and anti-graphic design aesthetics. The initial sketches were conceived during a flight between Los Angeles and Dallas, Texas, where I found inspiration in the economic dynamics surrounding politically correct and politically “inappropriate” art displayed both within museums and the everyday bus stop environment. Through this artwork, I aimed to provoke thought and challenge societal norms surrounding art and its portrayal in public spaces.

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