An Opening in the Trail

From: $550

Mixed Media, 2018
31 x 15.25″

After getting back from a month-long backpacking tour of New Mexico, I felt more confident about going deeper into the backwoods of the Austin greenbelt system. Artistically at the time, I was also looking for newer landscapes and to try to understand the terrain I once feared just a little bit better. As I was exploring a part of the trail I had never been to, a strong wind began to push me from behind as rain began to soak the ground.

In this image, my intention was to visually capture the sudden transitions that often occur during an ordinary hike. To enhance the expressive nature of the artwork, I incorporated unconventional tools such as oak bark, leaves, and grass as improvised paintbrushes, adding texture and depth to the composition. Through this creative process, I aimed to encapsulate the raw energy of the changing elements and the profound impact they can have on our experiences in nature.

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