Modern Trading Post

Mixed Media, November 2018
Original. 54 x 40.5″

In the school where I taught, an annual dodgeball tournament was held as part of the homecoming festivities. To fuel up for the event, I decided to grab some food at the recently opened Whole Foods nearby. As I searched for a place to sit and enjoy my meal, I discovered an upstairs seating area that stretched across the entire front of the store. Upon ascending the stairs, I was taken aback by what I found—a warehouse-like space with prominent beams of light, tubes, and steel framework cleverly concealed behind the more consumer-friendly facade on the lower level.

With this image, my aim was to juxtapose the mechanical aesthetics of modern industrial architecture (seen above) with the façade of a welcoming shopping experience (seen below). I wanted to emphasize the stark contrast between the two worlds. The play of lighting, the bustling presence of shoppers, and the vibrant colors in each aisle were accentuated and replicated in the artwork, evoking a sense of breathlessness when confronted with a new and unfamiliar scenery.


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Dimensions 56 × 42 in
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