Ghosts On the Hill

Mixed Media, September 2020
Original. 38 x 50.5″

This artwork seeks to depict the organic growth and resilience of San Francisco, a city that has endured numerous calamities throughout its history. From major fires to a devastating earthquake, San Francisco has faced destruction and reconstruction. Surprisingly, despite these challenges, the city has only one major cemetery, and the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake left many bodies buried throughout the city’s parks and open spaces.

Drawing inspiration from historic photographs, accounts of earthquake survivors, and the vibrant orange and pink hues found on buildings in the city, this image portrays the transformative nature of San Francisco over its 173-year history. It also reflects on the impact of time and aggressive real estate development, which has potentially scattered the remains of thousands of people throughout the modern cityscape.


Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror, 1906:

reely, A.W., 1906, “Special Report of Maj. Gen. Adolphus W. Greely, U.S.A., Commanding the Pacific Division, on the Relief Operations Conducted by the Military Authorities of the United States at San Francisco and other Points”

1906 List of Dead & Survivors (July, 2010):

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Dimensions 38 × 50.5 in
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