Daniel’s Dream

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Mixed Media, 2019
40 x 60″ 

I eagerly anticipated the opportunity to combine my passion for art with my love for travel during my summer exploration of Europe. It was in Poland when I completed this image, which had captivated my imagination.

The central figure is an ordinary man patiently awaiting a bus. Yet, there was something about his gaze that inspired me to envision him as Gabriel the Archangel, gracefully descending from the heavens and seamlessly blending into the bustling crowd.

In this image, my intention was to offer a contemporary interpretation of the angel Gabriel’s role in delivering messages to the prophet Daniel. To achieve this, I merged elements of bird and human anatomy, meticulously sketching, animating, and ultimately painting the wings seamlessly integrated into the man’s spine. Additionally, I contemplated the concept of energy bursts associated with objects moving at the speed of light in our physical reality, envisioning a lightning-like explosion as the angel gracefully folded his wings to adapt to his new earthly form. This transformative process, however, also depicted the slight burning of the host’s skin and clothes as the angel made his divine presence known and conveyed God’s message.

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